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An external house deck is now a popular fixture in most houses in world today. They are great for just kicking it out after long days work. Because of there external position deck stains are often subjected to extremely harsh conditions such as snow, rain, the heat and general traffic. In order to preserve the deck in its original and most beautiful state it is important that you choose the best deck stain.

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The deck stain is the most important part of the external deck as it serves many purposes; it provides a layer of protection for the underlying wood and depending on the stain provides a glossy surface finish. For a deck stain to serve its purpose it is important that you get the best deck stain.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best deck stain. The first step is considering the climatic conditions of your area. Heavy snow and rain fall can have a very negative effect on your deck stain. The climatic conditions affect the own in terms of maintenance as you will have to re-coat the deck frequently. If you living such areas it is advisable to get a thick, durable stain deck that has high resistance to wear.

The best deck stain always compliments the overall aesthetic of the house and should match the deck decorations and other furniture fittings on deck. There are many types of deck stain products on the market that come in a variety of colors so it is important that you ask around before you choose a deck color; an added advantage is that most stains can be tinted to provide you an even wider range of shades of colors.

The best deck stain is one that is not hard on your pocket in terms of both buying and maintenance. An average deck stain will cost $30+ per gallon how ever a good stain will cost you in range of $50+. It will be advisable the more expensive one such as sickens deck stains as they are durable and have low maintenance costs. Look for darker shades of stains as they are always make the best deck stain as you don’t have to worry about cleaning them all the time and reapplying them.

Deck stains come in two different varieties water based stains and oil based stains. Finding the best deck stain is often difficult because each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are person concerned about the environment then I would recommend a water based stain as it is more eco-friendly and has a much longer duration period level than an oil based stain as it can last up to 7 years without recoating.

Water deck stains are the best deck stain if you have a large deck area because they faster, easier to apply and dry quickly. Oil based deck stains have a lower duration period than water based stain normally 2-4years, which makes them a high maintenance stain. Oil based stains are good in that they don’t affect the underlying wood and bring out the natural beauty of the wood which gives your deck that natural and elegant finish which many people find appealing.


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