Sikkens Deck Stain Purchasing Tips

Wood decks are great for any house, they make and excellent relaxation and outdoor area. There are many types of wood decks that come in a variety shades, colors and designs.

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The most important feature for most people when constructing a wood deck is the wood deck stain. The stain you choose will affect the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. It will also affect your pocket in terms of maintenance and cleaning; which is why it is important to choose the best deck stain such as sikkens deck stain.

One of the best wood deck stains is also one of the least known deck stain. Sikkens deck stain is one of the best stains in the world which offer you value for money that is incomparable with any other stain products on the market. General deck stains will cost you in the range of 30 dollars a gallon however sikkens deck stain cost around 75 dollars a gallon which is almost double the amount of normal deck stains. This is justifiable in that sikkens deck stain is a quality product with a low maintenance cost and is very durable unlike average stains which need reapplying every six months.

Sikkens deck stain is a Swedish product that is developed for people who live in harsh climates were it always snows or rains, as this can have a negative effect on the appearance of your deck stain. Sikkens deck stain provides you with a very deep varnished finish that is hard to come by with any other stain product. When searching for a stain the most important thing to consider is protection, and sikkens deck stain offers protection that is second to none. Giving your deck a hard finish regardless of the wood type you are using.

Sikkens deck stain comes with detailed instructions on how to apply and to maintain the stain.  Sikkens deck stains should not be sprayed, rolled, or ragged but should only be hand brushed, using a fine oil brush. To increase the adhesion effect of the stain, sikken deck stain should be repeatedly applied for example 3-4 coats per sq. inch. The only draw back of sikkens deck stain is the labor since all applying should be done with a brush and you need to apply it 3-4 times.

No matter what color you house is you don’t have to worry about finding the right shade of deck stain since sikkens deck stain is available in a wide range of products. The stain is available in up to 20 different colors, these can however not be tinted. Because of sikkens quality products you don’t have to recoat as often as you do with other products.

Sikkens deck stain is such a good product because even after 6-7 years it still looks quite new. You discover that even when it comes down to re-painting the deck you will wont need to apply as many coats as you would normally do. You might 3-4 gallons for the first coat but for the second coat you might use as little as 2-3 gallons just get the desired result.


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