Wood Deck Stain Options

The majority of decks are made from two materials; concrete and wood. In this article we will deal with wood decks and the various types of wood deck stain. Wood is a great material to use a as deck material it is warm, comfortable and more attractive. The ability of wood to bring out these qualities depends on the wood deck stain that you use.

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The wood deck stain you will use will depend on the kind of wood your deck is made of and the final appearance of the deck. The primary role of a wood deck stain is to change the color of the wood on to which it is applied.

Wood deck stains are normally sold in to different forms, namely water based, and oil based wood deck stains. Both types of wood deck stains have their pros and cons. A wood deck stain that is oil based contains a very low pigment content that makes it a favorite of many since this means that it penetrates the wood and brings out the woods natural beauty to the surface provide and exquisite and elegant finish most people desire. Oil based wood deck stain doesn’t however last long and need to reapplied after a few years usually 4years after the first application this will affect maintenance cost of the deck. However most people overlook that fact as the elegance that the oil based stain provides is quite good.

Water based wood deck stain unlike an oil based deck stain lasts as long as 7 years, which makes them a favorite of many people who want to keep their maintenance budget low.  A water based wood deck stain has a higher pigment content than oil based wood deck stains; this means that they are eco-friendly. If you are looking for an elegant extravagant look for your deck then the best would be an oil based stain as water based deck stains have high opacity that means that they block the visibility of the underlying wood.

Wood deck stain requires careful preparation before application. Before you apply a wood stain you need to remove all items from the deck such as furniture and deck décor.  If you have immovable item then cover them with newspaper, or cloth. Don’t immediately apply the stain first test a small area first preferably a corner spot, this way you know exactly what the result of the staining will be and whether you want to proceed with the process. Using a paint brush preferably a wide one; apply the stain evenly across the entire surface.

The applying of the stain should be done without interruption as this will result in lap-marks which won’t look good. For the best results make sure that the wood deck stain dry slowly and un- interrupted, the best time to apply wood deck stain is in the morning or later during the day as it is cool, since the heat of the sun cause the stain to dry too quickly and thereby results in poor job.


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