Wood Stain Colors and Options for the Woodworker

Wood Stain Colors for the Woodworker

Wood stain colors come in many varieties and styles but they are rarely what you think they are. It is important to think about your Wood stain colors before starting the project so that you know what you are going for and what you want the final project to be.

First before even looking at Wood stain colors Consider if you even want to stain the wood. often the natural color is what will look best in the end.

Another option to Wood stain colors is just using a traditional finish with a bit of golding. This can bring a warmth to the piece That is perfect.

When Choosing your Wood stain colors first ask what your goal is. are you duplicating a historical look, are you matching existing stain or do you just want your Wood stain colors to be pleasing to you?

You can get Wood stain colors in anything you want and can even get them mixed at the big box stores. I have even seen Wood stain colors in pink.

Whatever you want my biggest suggestion would be to chose 3-4 of the Wood stain colors that look right to you and take them home and test them out.

Always make sure to test your Wood stain colors on the scrap wood from the project as wood from different trees or even a different part of the tree will drastically change the Wood stain colors outcome.

Here is a great video on finishing in general and how to choose your stain as well as other things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UD5YgW6QTM4


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